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Hello Team-Anant Cars,

I am a client of yours who recently bought a Designer Grey KUV100 K6 - 5seater - KA51PMN4458, and wanted to share feedback about my experience.I booked the car on 19th Apr'16 and was assured a delivery in 4-6 weeks, but that didn't happen. I had escalated this with Mahindra also.However, once the my car delivery was being co-ordinated by Mr.Vijay, I saw things happening at great speed and was delivered by due date that was discussed.Vijay had great empathy and understanding of the situation, and kept me updated at all times on the different stages of the delivery, that other folks from Anant cars I dealt with had failed to do. He took the ownership of getting things done. He also helped to understand the the actual reason and apologised for the delay - which shows his courtesy. 

I must say that I continued with my mind to buy the car due to Vijay's persuasiveness. He delivered on his word. Also, made the delivery a special affair by helping through his personal presence.

Vijay is a great asset to your company. I would really be happy if you recognised him/appraised him for his professionalism and sense of commitment.Thanks Vijay, continue to do the good job and keep it up!

Balajee S.S.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to sincerely thank you for timely delivery of my XUV500 Automatic W10 vehicle (KA51MH9349) Opulent Purple yesterday.

I want to truly complement Mr.Santosh, my sales representative for his tireless support to make all of this happen on time and to our satisfaction.

1. I had reached out to pretty much all dealers in Bangalore but Mr.Santosh of Anant Cars was the most persistent. He constantly followed up and checked with me while the other dealer representatives were sporadic in reaching out and I did not get an impression that they were as hungry as Mr.Santosh to bag the order. While Mr.Santosh was constantly following up, he never came across as intrusive and allowed us to make the decision at our own pace, which made us comfortable. This made me sincerely believe that Anant Cars are the right dealers with whom I can go ahead and buy.

2. I had given Mr.Santosh specific instructions on day by which the registration was to be completed and the day when I will take delivery (considering auspicious days and times). Here again Mr.Santosh delivered to our complete satisfaction. Even when there some hiccups in the cheque clearing status on your side, he ensured the registration completed by Wednesday.

3. He followed up on needed accessories and updated me on the status. The accessories team also ably supported him and made me feel that I am dealing with a team that truly understand joyful customer experience. Mr. Manjunath (i am not sure if I got this right) from accessories team was very helpful in informing me about the status of the accessories in a timely manner and gave me the right advice.

3. At the time of delivery Mr.Santosh was present in person and made our experience most pleasurable. Even as we walked into your showroom yesterday to collect the car, one of your support staff (a lady) immediately recognized us at the door and accorded as warm reception and immediately alerted Mr.Santosh. This makes me believe that you have a team of people who truly believe and care for the customers.

I sincerely thank Mr.Santosh, his managers and the entire team at Anant Cars for making this a pleasurable experience. I do hope you continue this service as my car now moves from purchase to support stage. I wish you the very best for the fiscal year and may you do sales much higher than what you did last year.


I can't believe, still, that I have got my TUV 300 and it's there in my parking lot! It's been four days now after taking delivery of my vehicle. I am just wondering, am I missing something?!

When I decided to part ways with my companion of seven years, my Santro and go for an upgrade, I knew I wanted a Mahindra Vehicle. Two reasons, one It's an Indian brand, a very successful brand that knows our pulse. Two, Response to customer queries / concerns and quick turnaround that I read from various forums and my personal experience.

Where would I buy it from? Well, the obvious choice was Anant Cars on Bannerghatta Road. For two reasons again, very positive reviews on various forums, and my friends who had positive experience from there and thus recommended the same.

To cut a long story short, I had a delightful experience from Anant Cars since the time I walked in to the showroom till the delivery of my TUV 300, a long six months' duration with multiple visits. 

People make a difference as the saying goes. From the security who opens the showroom door, the lady who walks up to us and say Namaste, to all those whom I had interacted in the showroom. A vibrant team of people and place indeed. During my multiple visits, I happened to meet different sales people. Two of them stood out. The first person (forgot the gentleman's name) was very cordial and enthusiastic. Made me and my family very comfortable. Somehow, during the couple subsequent few visits couldn't meet him, that's when I met Mr. Nikhil, who helped me through the whole process till delivery. The first person, when I met him later, still said a cordial Hi and some short chats though he knew I was no longer his customer. 

What did I miss? I missed all the chaos, confusions, last minutes pull and pushes. "Sir can you send 'this' document", "No sir, I told you the other day" etc., that I assumed would come along in the process of buying a new vehicle. A pleasant surprise it was, every single step in the process well managed by the team at Anant Cars. Mr. Nikhil is the star. Nikhil explained each process in detail, tirelessly answering all my questions. Offered to test drive the vehicle, both AMT and MT (in fact I had a wavering mind to check out Vitara Brezza as well) Nikhil, gave me good attention and explained each bit while accompanying me during test drive. He put me in touch with the respective people in each department swiftly. Mr. Mahesh from Xmart did a quick assessment of my Santro and came up with the quote explaining his assessment of the vehicle for the price. Then came Mr. Jagdish from Finance. I had read about Mr. Jagdish in few other forums and I knew that I am with a competent person and he did not let me down, not a notch. Loan was arranged swiftly. Mr. Manjunath from Accessories was very helpful, he went on to find out roof top light that could suit TUV by sourcing it from outside (but a word of caution here. I was told that the police impose penalty for extra lights as it is illegal. Anything that is illegal should not be suggested by the dealer. I think the dealer should keep in mind of the legality while suggesting any accessories, leave alone the lights) and Mr. Sunil from accessories gave me good suggestions as a good friend than being a person who is trying to sell stuff to me. Needless to say, Mr. Thimmappa and Mahesh though I haven't met them, looks like have done a good job on PDI and Abhishek from delivery department to making the delivery smooth, on date on time. A special thanks to Mr. Raju who stood by the vehicle taking care of the accessories fitment and other process. The Poojari, who apart from doing Pooja took some time to explain the importance of the day and how auspicious it is. Last but not the least, Nikhil's team leader Mr. Shivraj has on the spot solution to everything in regards to the process. He, with a smiling face and cool attitude provided alternatives when Nikhil and I hit some road blocks. He also accompanied me at various instances. 

I happened to speak as well as meet CEO at Anant Cars Mr. Bhaskar as well. A humble person who took some time to chat with me in spite of his busy schedule, all with a very welcoming and comforting tone and provided all the help. 

Overall, the whole process of buying TUV 300 was so swift and smooth that it left me wondering, did I miss something? Though I haven't got a chance to drive TUV extensively yet, so far so good and quite satisfied. 

Lakshmikantha Holla V


I wanted to share my pleasant experience with purchase of my new XUV500 Automatic earlier this month with Anant Cars, Bangalore.

Mr Dinesh and Mr Zameer have been very helpful in guiding me through the purchase and delivering the car. Mr. Dinesh in particular needs special commendation for his pleasant interfacing, thorough knowledge of the process and personal dedication to ensure a smooth experience for the customer. Thanks to their advice I was able to make my purchase in time before the budget and able to save some money on the additional tax levied by the govt. I was also pleasantly surprised by the arrangements post the purchase, the pooja, the cake and the photo capture.

I have dealt with other car companies in the past and can tell you that Mahindra is long ahead in placing customer ahead of everything else in sales. I look forward to similar experience in after sales service too! Please feel free to reach me if you need additional feedback. I wish the team, the very best to continue a similar experience for future too.

One suggestion I would have is to club the members of purple club with Club Mahindra (if anyone already has a Club Mahindra membership) so that gifts like the holiday package can be merged with the other existing benefits of Purple Club.

Uma Sreeram

Good Evening,

I'm Uma Sreeram, a privileged and delighted new customer of Mahindra and Mahindra Cars for the past 3 days! We have been a recent car owner of the TUV300 and this is just an appreciation mail regarding the kind of service offered to us.

My son started the entire process of selecting and looking out for a car to buy and told us about the new KUV100 that was launched a month ago during mid January. When we went over to the showroom- Anant Cars - Bangalore, to inspect the car and get to know more details, we were met by a young dedicated and energetic chap -  Mr. Makesh who had the time and patience to explain all the features about the car to us. As our son had already taken the test drive and had met Makesh earlier on the launch day of KUV100; we moved on to get to know the different cars from the stables of Mahindra.

As we were informed our eyes were firmly set on TUV300 and immediately we were offered for a test drive at our own convenience at our house at a suitable time. After the Test Drive we booked the car on 18th January 2016. It took us about almost a month for us to finalise our finances and sort them accordingly. All this while we were in touch with the dealers through Makesh and always updated about whether the car has been ready or not as well as in being helpful to pick out the right set of accessories for the car. 

Finally we where able receive the car with utmost happiness and satisfaction mainly from the splendid true effort put in by the entire team at Anant cars to make it a a special memorable moment for our family. We shall never be able to forget such a good family memory and we will always be grateful to the young dynamic team at Anant Cars. All things considered, be it the dedication towards the customers, being empathitical to the financial matters as well creating relationships, I must say that we are happy to be brought into the Mahindra family through Makesh and his team.

Looking forward for miles and miles of memories ahead.

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